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baby bud key features
baby bud dinnertimes are for everyone The booster seat that fits to any chair, so baby never feels left out.
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baby bud
baby bud
baby bud
Lime Green - with activity tray
getting social with the baby bud
  • "Our daughter loves it, I love the fact that she's close to the table and part of the family at meal times. Added bonus is that it's portable."


    "Very easy to assemble and secure to chair. Easy to clean as no awkward areas."


    "She loves the different toys on the tray and they're great for developing motor skills. She sits happily playing whist I prepare her meal and her posture developed brilliantly."


    "It's very comfortable, easy to clean, set-up and transport. The style is unique and stands out when put next to other booster seats, the color is nice too!"


  • "My baby boy loves it as he feels much more part of family meals. It is easy to fit, comfortable and very easy to clean. Good value as it will last him as he grows. Would definitely recommend."


    "Our 9 month old baby really enjoys the activity tray and it keeps him occupied whilst we are finishing our dinner. It is easy to attach to our chairs."


    "Brilliant. So handy to keep in the car for visits to other people's houses. Very quick to attach to a chair and easy to clean."


    "My son can bounce around as much as he likes but is very secure and safe in the baby bud. It is so easy to clean after mealtimes, I highly recommend it!"


My kids all hated being left out of mealtimes, and were always impatient for their food, especially if we'd travelled to see relatives. So we wanted to make a seat that would fit any chair, and last as long as possible too. The Baby Bud is light enough to take anywhere with me, so now they can play while I'm cooking and feel part of the action while we all eat.

Amanda ScacchettiProduct Development Director

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